The Catalogue Tool  

This is an excellent tool for showing off a range of your products with great photos in a clear and refreshing way. The catalogue tool is not used for selling items directly from your website but instead for showcasing products to your customers looking on your website.

The advantage of having this tool in your arsenal is when you have lots of products to showcase and an ever-changing stock. This tool helps you and your staff organise them and put them on your website even faster. All you need to do is tell the Catalogue Tool your products description, point it to the photos associated with each product, click save and it is in your catalogue. Your staff needn't concern themselves with where the pictures are placed or where the text is placed, it is all taken care of by the Catalogue Tool.

Visitors can also search and filter for products by product category or price, or any number of customisable fields.

Visitors can also see a slideshow presentation of all the pictures associated with a product in your catalogue.

Ideal for: Estate Agent Websites, Art Dealer Websites, Car Showroom Websites, Machine Merchants.


Click for an Estate Agents example

Flash Slideshow / Banner / Presentation  

Add an extra layer of quality to your website by having a flash presentation added to it.

A flash presentation can be applied to your business logo to have it fading in to view with a tag line or perhaps some desriptive text about the products and services your business offers. Or instead you may have several lifestyle photographs of your products in real life situations. These lifestyle photographs can be made to rotate on your website while visitors read about your business.

The flash presentation can be placed on some or all of your website pages.

Client examples can be seen by visiting:

Duke of York, Grindleton
Ribble Valley Multimedia
Kellie Hughes Hair Studio

Click for a working example of a Flash Presentation used with a client's logo

The Gallery Tool  

The Gallery Tool is ideal for showing off a portfolio of photographs to your website's visitors. Photos can be organised into albums and sub-albums.

When the photos are clicked on, a slideshow presentation of all the photographs in that album are displayed to the user in a graphical and refreshing manner.

There is also a random image selector module which can be placed on one or more of your web pages. This will randomly select a number of photographs from some or all of your photo albums and display them to the user.

Client examples can be seen by visiting:

Kellie Hughes Hair Studio

Click for a Gallery Tool example

Online Shopping Store *new*  

This is a great little tool for adding an elegant shopping cart to your existing brochure website.

Here is a condensed list of its features:

  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software
  • Product Catalog
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Renting System
  • Booking Tools
  • Ticket Counter
  • Media Gallery
  • Product Configurator
  • Item Packages
  • Custom Shipping Rating System
  • QuickBooks Export
  • Multi-Vendor Capable
  • Product Comparison
  • E-mail Notifications to office computer or your blackberry


Invoice Payment Processor Tool  

This tool is a useful little tool for small businesses who do not have a payment processing machine in their office, and want to take casual payments from customers over the Internet without having to pay their bank a merchants fee each month. It is also useful for taking advanced payments from your customers.

The idea being that you can direct your customers to your website by having a message at the bottom of your invoices stating that payments can be made online by visiting .


  • No rental costs from paypal or your bank each month/year to have it on your website.
  • Takes the customer's name as an input.
  • Takes an invoice number as a reference.
  • Emails a receipt to the customer.
  • Emails a notification to your office computer and/or your blackberry confirming receipt of funds (useful if you're on the go).
  • Directs the user to Paypal's secure pages for processing the credit/debit cards.
  • Quick and simple

Client examples can be seen by visiting:

Utopia Room Flowers


3D Carousel Tool *new*  

This is another great tool for showing off your featured products or favourite lifestyle shots.

The images you define to be on the Carousel can spin round automatically at a defined speed or a pair of next and previous buttons (as shown in the screenshot) can be displayed.

When clicking on an image on the Carousel, a detail page will show up upon request. On this detail page, information covering the selected image or product can be provided.

Different results when clicking on an image
You can determine how the animation should react following the click on an image:
1. A page appearing with detail information on the selected image.
2. A link opening to a different page.

Randomize Images
With this feature, every time a page is called up, a different selection of images shows in the 3D Carousel. This makes sense in those cases where a Carousel contains a large selection of images that cannot all be shown properly at the same time.

Optimized  Loading
The animation file displayed has only 67Kb and is furthermore loaded asynchronously (AJAX/HTTP request principle).  This ensures that the display speed of your web site is not affected by the module.

Over 1000 Effect Combinations
Different effects are available for the detail page appearing or disappearing. These effects can be individually varied and allocated to each element of the detail page (images and text fields). This provides an enormous number of effect combinations for individually presenting each animation.






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