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Have your website optimised for keywords that you know your customers will type into search engines. 

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Introducing the Whalley Websites Search Engine Optimisation packages

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) is intended to make your website easier to find, by people searching on the internet. We do SEO and we do it very well, we perform SEO on your website in a planned, strategic way. 

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We focus on attracting new customers to your website. Strictly speaking, "new customers" won't know your business name will they? and these are the people you're most interested in attracting... new customers. So when new customers search on the internet they will be searching for vaguer phrases relating to your industry, rather than your actual business name. For example, people will type into a search engine, "Find me a solicitors in Burnley", and websites that have been optimised with that keyword phrase in mind will appear in the search engines higher than those that have not been optimised.

The process is a simple one:

  • Decide on the keyword phrases you think people will type into search engines when trying to find a business like yours.
    • For example if your business was a solicitors you would want keyword phrases such as:
      • Litigation Solicitors in Burnley
      • Debt Recovery Solicitors in Accrington
      • Employment Law in Burnley
      • Personal Injury Solicitors in Burnley
  • We then manipulate the content on your website using advanced techniques to let the search engines know your website is relevant to these keyword phrases.
    • This is because a website's relevancy is incredibly important to search engines. It is a search engine's role on the internet to put a searcher in touch with relevant websites based on what keywords the searcher types into those search engines.


Localised Search Engine Optimisation?

Did you know that over 45% of all searches made through search engines like Google are location based? That is, motivated buyers searching for products or services within an immediate vicinity to themselves.


These SEO packages are designed to attract more visitors to your website. We are so confident that these techniques work that we guarantee they will drive significantly more traffic to your website.... or your money back!!  More Info

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