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"So easy to use"

All of our clients' websites have been built using our easy-to-use website editor, sometimes known as a CMS (Content Management System). This basically means you can change the content of your website by logging into your website with your given username and password. From there you can upload pictures of your products and organise them on to your web pages, accompanying them with text that you can either type or copy and paste in.

It's really easy to use and flexible - if you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word or Publisher to insert and arrange text and pictures then you will be able to use our website editor also. All you need to get started is a computer with an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer). If you get stuck we are a professional web design company who are on-hand and available to assist, so it's not as though you are sold a website and left out in the cold. It is the beginning of a business relationship when you buy a website from Whalley Websites.


Want more info?  
Watch a 60 second Video Demonstration of the Website Editor in Action
Download a copy of the getting started guide & user manual CMS Getting Started Guide


Here are some more useful features of the online website editor for you to note

  • More than one person can update the website, from different locations. This is very useful
  • Several customised themes and templates can be created for your website.  To change its appearance with the seasons of the year. Adding an extra layer of quality to your website.
  • you can change, add and delete text and image content within the template on any page
  • You can add new pages, and link them to your menu, or submenu - simply.
  • For larger sites, the super administrator can create administrators to look after the part of the website that each administrator is responsible for.
  • Create areas of the website that only ‘approved’ web site visitors can view.
  • There are a number of ‘bells and whistle’ optional extras you can have added to your site. You can have photograph galleries, online shopping carts, event calendars, forums, search site, news feed displays, guestbooks, banner advertising, polls, page comments, newsflash alerts, newsletters and subscription processing, and the list goes on.
  • Visitor statistics.
  • And remember it is easy to learn and use. Once again, if you can type and have an internet connection, you can use this system effectively.
  • All changes to the website can be seen by Google, Yahoo and other search engines
  • Flash animations can be displayed on your website
  • A links page can be created to link your website to other websites, and vice versa to allow other websites to link to you

Benefits to you

  • No waiting for someone else to make the change that you want to do now.
  • No costs associated with the maintenance of your website.
  • Easy to learn. Most of the advanced features of the system can be learned in an average of less than 2 hours.
  • Add more web pages and products to your web site in minutes. Your website menu can be easily updated to link to your new page within seconds.  
  • No additonal hosting costs. Everything is included.


Watch how easy it is to make changes to your website when we've finished designing it


Key Benefits of our online website editor

  • No waiting for updates - they can be done immedaitely
  • No extra cost to make changes to your website
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Nothing to install on your computer - everything is hosted online
  • Your website becomes a useful extension of your business
  • Supported by us, your local and friendly web design company
  • Comes with instructions


Other editors provided by other designers aren't as easy to use and to get going with as our online website editor is.

Our online website editor is the easiest editor to use





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