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That sounds like you understand what you want, there’s nothing missing that i can think of. There’s hundreds of designs to choose from, and you can change the chosen design at any time in the future. i.e. the one you select on checkout is not set in stone. Have you watched the website editor demo video? It touches briefly towards the end on how to change the design of the website at any time. You just choose the design and then type (or copy and paste) text and upload images.  It comes with a user manual which will be included in your welcome letter along with the login username and password. And professional email addresses - Webmail or POP3 through programmes like Outlook or on your mobile.

Gallery Module

There’s also some free tools included like a gallery page where you can upload images organised into albums. Links pages. Password protected pages. Contact form which emails you. Might be useful for you.

And it’s instant access as well

That and the SEO design process for 10 localised keyword phrases.

Best Regards
Matt Wilkinson

From: anonymous[
Sent: 25 February 2011 14:11
To: Matt Wilkinson
Subject: Re: Premium Site

Hi Matt,
Thank-you very much for your reply, I am likely to order it all through the website in the next couple of days.I'll get my domain name, I’ll have to design the website myself on your website editor (maximum 5 pages, not a problem), I’ll get my other website re-directed (after I’ve given you the details) and will get the website on the first page of google for a bunch of search phrases. Am I missing anything there or is that the full deal?
- anonymous
From: Matt Wilkinson
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 12:35 PM
To: anonymous
Subject: RE: Premium Site
The Premier Site is a self-build package, and includes a free domain name of your choice 
The designed packages, the ones that we build for you, can be found on
For the st Helens local keyword searches we have some great local search engine optimisation packages available, which are guaranteed to bring more traffic and thus enquiries to your website, on
They can all be ordered online, and you can select the design that you like the most. If you ask us to design it for you, still choose a design that is nearest fit what you want and then we’ll tailor it further.

If you have any questions please give me a call 

Best Regards
Matt Wilkinson
From: anonymousSent: 25 February 2011 11:35
Subject: Premium Site
Hi Matthew,
I’m enquiring about a website for advertising Music Tuition in St Helens (if your company spans that far afield). You was recommended by anonymous who said you did a brilliant job for her son.
I do website design myself but between starting up business and general procrastination it is just not getting done. I have a domain name already  however it just has a temporary page on it at the moment and I think another domain name would be a good idea (I checked on your website and the one i want is available). Would it be possible to do a Premium Site deal + domain name and to link or redirect the existing domain name I have if I give you the login details for that website? I’d also like to get it to the top of google search for local searches such as ‘St Helens Piano Teacher’, ‘St Helens Guitar Teacher’ etc. 


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