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Have your website optimised for keywords that you know your customers will type into search engines. 

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What is Google Analytics? from whalley Websites

Google Analytics is a reporting tool we can install on your website. It allows you to monitor your website's traffic and analyse the routes people are taking through your websites - i.e. which pages they visit most often and which pages to do they visit first, second, third - and also whcih pages are not being viewed very often. From there you can make informed decisions such as to where to place your biggest adverts, to encourage people to visit certain pages more than they are doing. All sorts of clever decisions can be made based on the knowledge this tool can provide you with.


Google Analytics is installed free of charge when you order any of whalley Websites' SEO packages or when you Lease a Website.

It an installation on your website can be ordered seperately. Your website does not need to have been created by us to have it installed on your website by us.


All this for only £69! Can you afford to miss out?  

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