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For national and international selling businesses you will be competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors for page 1 positions on your best keyword phrases. It is for this reason why businesses like yours, and your competitors, will employ a qualified SEO agent to monitor and progress their website's SEO status each month.

Why a Managed Search Engine Optimisation process?

The principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  are quite simple; you need to make sure your website features the keywords you want to rank for. But the difficulties of SEO in a competitive market are high, and the mistakes that SEO amateurs make that can potentially harm your website's rankings are easy to make.

SEO is a human process as well, a thought-process. It is about keyword research and researching your competitiors. It's not just about adding as many keywords as you can to your website - "a busy-looking fool is still a fool", and then leaving it and hoping that it makes a difference to your rankings in the search engines. Managed SEO is about useful work and return on investment (ROI), not rankings vanity. There's no point ranking high against search phrases that are not searched for very often or at all, it's a waste of your money.

SEO is also about high quality, relevant links to your website. It’s about high quality content, submitting articles to news sites, directory submissions, website conversion analyses, full website overhauls if necessary and done properly as a managed process, code versus content ratios, internal link strength optimisation, semantic mark-up and much more besides. There is a lot that goes into search engine optimisation.

Why Whalley Websites for your SEO?

We understand, live and breathe SEO, we know what works and, of course, what doesn’t work, and the techniques used by other SEO companies – both the good and the bad. We constantly research the SEO industry and look for new methods for attaining rankings for our clients. That is why we offer advanced SEO services such as reputation management, and video for SEO.

Some SEO companies just optimise your homepage with your chosen keywords. Google sees every page of every website as being different, and so do we, hence the term "page ranking". SEO will be performed on all our clients’ websites, not just their homepages.

We provide our clients with detailed reports each month, not just on their website’s rankings, but also on traffic, how that traffic is being used and where our clients can improve their conversions.

There’s no point achieving great rankings if you’re not going to see conversions from the traffic arriving at your site and a return on your investment! 

With Whalley Websites, the SEO of your website is in safe hands. 


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